Massive Paris-Roubaix tech gallery: artillery for the cobbles

Massive Paris-Roubaix tech gallery: artillery for the cobbles

Massive Paris-Roubaix tech gallery: artillery for the cobbles

This year riders set out on everything from cutting edge projects — such as hydraulic rear suspension automatically controlled by accelerometers and gyroscopes — to the very old school of wide, cotton tubulars run at precisely set air pressures.

BikeRadar visited every team for a closer look at who is using what. The main trends we spotted were suspension, aero bikes, taping seemingly everything, discs for no-hope riders and rim brakes for the contenders. Finally, we investigated what tire pressures and widths various teams were running.

Check out all the details below, and click through the gallery above for all the tech highlights from the 2017 Paris-Roubaix.

A few other spring races feature cobblestones, notably the Tour of Flanders that precedes Paris-Roubaix by a week. But the Flemish cobbles, which are used as roads for auto traffic throughout the year, are worlds apart from the rough, wildly strewn stones of most of the Roubaix sectors, most of which lie untouched in fields or national forest outside of the event.

BikeRadar first spotted a hydraulic rear suspension shock on Ian Stannard's Team Sky Pinarello Dogma K8-S at Scheldeprijs. With the elastomer shock on the K8-S has been used since the 2015 Flanders, this hydraulic shock was new — and most surprising was the HiRide internal sensors and remote that controlled the system.

Developed with Pinarello for more than a year, the HiRide system uses 6-axis accelerometers and gyroscope to sense the road surface, and adjust the suspension accordingly. HiRide claims it can open or close the suspension completely in less than a second, letting riders like Stannard sprint on a stiff rear end when on smooth tarmac, but then float with suspension over the cobbles.

Stannard and Team Sky teammate Gianni Moscon started the race with the HiRide hydraulic units. The handle-bar mounted remote can be used to manually override the automatic control system.

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