Travis Loewens

Travis Loewens


Racing Age: 37
Road Cat 4
Cyclocross Cat 3
Mountain Bike Cat 1

Racer Bio

I am a husband and a father of three young kids. I work as a quality assurance specialist at Streck, a medical device manufacturer in LaVista. I have been riding bikes since 2011 and started racing in 2013. I am currently a cat 4 on the road, a cat 3 in cyclocross, and a cat 1 in mountain bike. I enjoy riding and racing in all three disciplines though the availability of local race series has a strong pull on where I spend most of my time. 

Most recently, I have been spending most of my racing off road in the Psycowpath series of mountain bike racing focusing on the marathon category. This year, I will be changing my focus to the shorter cross country races. Of course the fall is always great for cyclocross! 

My favorite riding is in the Loess Hills of Iowa, whether it's the peaceful, yet sometimes brutal gravel roads, the somewhat less trafficked highways with great views, or the more technically challenging mountain bike trails found at the Lewis & Clark monument.

I've come to love riding and racing bikes for the challenge of increasing my fitness, the sense of overall health I get from it, and the camaraderie the people I get to ride with, especially my team, Omaha Velo!